5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate on Your Website

Online Shopping - tips to improve conversion rates5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate on Your Website

If you want to increase sales on your e-commerce site, you should focus not only on traffic and clicks, but also on your conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the more money you can make with the same number of visitors.

Here are five tactics to consider implementing on your website to help increase your conversion rate.

Test, test, test!

Testing is an important part of improving your conversion rate. Split testing can help you determine which aspects of your content are influencing conversion. You will need to create two different versions of your page and monitor which version garners more sales.

Envelope, coffee and stationery - email marketing tip

Use clear language

It is important to use clear language on your site and avoid jargon. Customers should be able to easily understand the products and services you sell when they visit your website. You should provide as much detail as possible about your offering to encourage customers to make a decision on the spot. If they need to visit other sites to get more information, chances are that they will not come back to your site to complete the purchase.

If you are using email marketing as a lead source, make sure to include ONE clear call to action button (CTA) that is clear and stands out from the page (e.g. VIEW NEW PRODUCTS) 

Gain trust

Trust is essential if you want a customer to purchase from you. Visitors are more likely to make purchases from a site that appears professional and clean. Make sure that you have a proper privacy policy, terms and conditions page, and shipping information on the website.

In addition, make sure your pages have been proofread for typos and grammatical errors. Include a phone number or email address in which people can contact you as it provides that little extra peace of mind for paying customers. Having all this information available makes your company appear professional and can help to increase your conversion rate.

Credit Cards - offering payment options on your websiteOffer payment options

You should make sure that you have different payment options available. When it comes to online shopping, consumers want the process to be as simple as possible, or they are unlikely to commit to purchasing. Many customers will abandon their purchase if they find that your site does not accept their desired payment method. Offering different payment options on your website (for example, PayPal, AfterPay, etc.) will ensure you are making purchases easy and reaching a wider target market.

Allow returns

People feel more comfortable completing a purchase when they know that they can return the product. The more favourable your return policy is for clients, the higher your conversion rate will be. Take some time to consider reasonable return policies for your site and make sure you display the information prominently.

Knowing what your conversion rate is and continually striving to improve it is an important aspect of online business. Implementing some of the strategies discussed here should help you boost your conversion rate, and thence the profitability of your business.

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