Dog in Snow highlighting the BookSitters value: Integrity


Speak the truth. Only promise what can be delivered. Confidentiality, honesty and transparency are our key moral principles.

“Integrity is the glue that binds us together. Expect nothing less for your business.”

Two elephants highlighting the BookSitters value: care


Acceptance without judgement. Recognition of the individual is fundamental. A respectful and supportive partnership creates a better quality work-life balance. Together, we are the difference.

“Feel supported, respected and part of the team.”

Beehive highlighting the BookSitters value: service


Responsive & Responsible. Dedication is reflected in long term relationships. Meticulous standards and a proactive culture can only inspire one to go the extra mile.

“Expect exceptional service from a service-based business.”

ants working together highlighting the BookSitters value: systems


Discovery with ideal solutions. A holistic approach to all endeavours gains clarity. Teaming synergy with established procedures & processes delivers consistent results.

“Set up systems to optimise value in your business!”

sea creatures swimming highlighting the BookSitters value: communication


Listening empowers all. Building open connections cultivates confidence, fosters trust and provides knowledge to make informed decisions.

“We empower you!”

dog and woman jumping for joy highlighting the BookSitters value: joy


Be in business to live well, learn plenty, laugh often and love much. Find joy in all that is and is not.

“Love what you do and have fun.”