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Maintaining a consistent social media presence is not always easy! For many business owners, the task of constantly posting new content that is fresh and unique to their brand is one of their biggest marketing challenges. The team at The CloudSitters have put together a free social media calendar to make this process less painful!

The CloudSitters “Captivate” Formula has been developed to ensure a balanced blend of content types. By avoiding the “set and forget” philosophy and providing consistently fresh content,
you can ensure your posts provide value and nurture a loyal following on your social media platforms over time.

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Free Social Media Calendar


Social media marketing offers a way to quickly and creatively connect with business partners and customers. In 2020, small businesses that are not utilising these marketing platforms are missing out on the opportunity to showcase their company personality, communicate with potential clients and build brand awareness either locally or nationally!

If you need help mapping out a social media marketing strategy, feel free to check out our blog or contact the team.

We look forward to being part of your online marketing journey!