Accounts Receivable – bringing in the money sooner, pay now options

Is Getting Paid Sooner Important to You?

If you are using either MYOB or Xero, you can take advantage of the ‘pay now’ options featured within the software. Using either E-Way, Stripe, or Ezi-debit you can setup a pay now facility via credit card without having a merchant facility machine or the costs of running these.

We all like to save money and this provides a low cost option to get paid sooner if you have customers that want to pay by credit card.

There is a bit of setup work – but we’ve done it before – so we can setup for you if this is something you are interested in implementing today.

There are other tips and tricks too – to get paid faster – like turning on invoice reminders in Xero, regularly sending out statements or getting customers to pay a deposit upfront.